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A Comprehensive System For All Coaches - Pratima's Coaching Story
A Comprehensive System For All Coaches – Pratima’s Coaching Story

‘Being able to do my coaching rather than working on the admin side of things because Upskill Coach has taken care of that. When somebody makes a booking, it sends the email out to the client, about the booking. It sends them when the appointment is. And I don’t need to chase clients’

More Time With My Clients - Kathryn's Coaching Story
More Time With My Clients – Kathryn’s Coaching Story

‘The most satisfying part for me is to watch the relationship build with my clients and to see their breakthrough moments. It’s just very satisfying to be in an environment,where you’re fundamentally tuned into them for the full 60 minutes’

Coaching Online - Dante's Coaching Story
Coaching Online – Dante’s Coaching Story

‘It has widened my reach worldwide as opposed to just in my local community here and that’s fantastic. Getting an opportunity to work with people that you know actually are interested in coaching and can afford coaching and are willing to pay for coaching is fantastic’.

Managing Your Schedule - Susan's Coaching Story
Managing Your Schedule – Susan’s Coaching Story

‘For me, the most beneficial feature was the scheduling. So being able to specifically go through the days of the week, schedule at the times, and also add in some breaks’.

Clients With Good Chemistry - Laura's Coaching Story
Clients With Good Chemistry – Laura’s Coaching Story

‘Upskill Coach does the marketing on behalf of the client or of coaches. It takes away that kind of element of having to spend time marketing when you’d rather be coaching’.

Back to Work After Maternity Leave - Aine's User Story
Back to Work After Maternity Leave – Aine’s User Story

‘At the time that I signed up for the coaching, I was struggling to find space for myself within my schedule. I didn’t really know how to balance all of my commitments, personal and professional and managing a new baby’.

Identifying and Managing Constraints - Leslie's User Story
Identifying and Managing Constraints – Leslie’s User Story

‘Too often, If things are not done over short periods of time with some intensity, there is no change or life interrupts too much. And so I decided to have three sessions with only one week between them, which would mean that I would have to do quite a lot of work in between each session and concentrate quite a lot on what I wanted to deal with’.

Keeping Focused - Mary's User Story
Keeping Focused – Mary’s User Story

‘I was looking for advice on career advice. I’m in the third year of college and I have a year left and I realised that the graduation is coming closer and closer and I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do. How I wanted to make money using the skills I developed in college. So I thought that if I got life coaching then that would help me because it would give me a clear focus and something to aim for’.

Getting a Strategic Perspective - Andrew's User Story
Getting a Strategic Perspective – Andrew’s User Story

I really liked the fact that with Upskill Coach, I was able to be flexible. I was allowed to book my sessions whenever I wanted.

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