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Whether you’d like to find a coach or offer coaching sessions, Upskill Coach makes scheduling, sessions and payments easy.

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We’re here to help you find success on your schedule.

Our aim is to inspire you to take action in your life, career, or business.

As a global startup, we connect people who want to develop their skills with experienced coaches all over the world.

Sessions take place online via video, and our all-in-one site makes finding and paying coaches simple. Coaches can take their businesses to the next level with Upskill Coach’s marketing, scheduling, booking and payment system, too.

What do our users think of us?

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What kind of coaching does Upskill Coach offer?

Life coaches help you develop personal goals and create a plan to achieve them. You’ll get the confidence and motivation to fulfil your full potential.

Career coaches help you identify goals, develop leadership skills and plan and prepare for career moves. They can also help you find new roles or careers where you’ll thrive, then make bulletproof resumés and cover letters that help make those opportunities happen.

Business coaches help managers, executives and business owners meet their goals. From improvement in work relationships to help with important decisions, coaching doesn’t just boost your performance — it improves your business.

Our coaches

Aisling Healy

Aisling Healy

Business, Career, Personal Development, Performance, Writing & Blogging Coach

I have worked for the last number of years in HR & Recruitment. Having experience with hundreds …

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Gillian O'Gorman

Gillian O’Gorman

Personal Development, Life, Psychology, Health, Performance, Career Coach

Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Skills, Diploma in Life & Executive Coaching,…

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Marie-Claire Thauvette

Marie-Claire Thauvette

Performance, Life, Psychology, Health, Career Coach

I am passionate about relationships, intimacy and sexual education. My vision is improving the live…

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Take your coaching business to the next level with Upskill Coach's customer support and marketing.

About our coaches

What makes a coach?

Many of Upskill’s coaches are specifically trained and certified in coaching, and others have built their subject-matter expertise through professional experience. All of our coaches are vetted by our in-house team.

How we approve coaches

We evaluate coach applications individually before approving them as an Upskill Coach. We review their qualifications and experience. Coach applicants are validated as real humans with real qualifications, so those seeking advice can trust Upskill’s coaches.

How it works

Sign up and browse coach profiles by expertise. You can message a coach for more information, or most coaches even offer a free 15-minute consultation. If you feel like it’s a fit, you can book a one-on-one session at the coach’s rate.

How does Upskill Coach make money?

Coaches pay a monthly subscription of €99 (+VAT) a month for using Upskill Coach.

The people behind Upskill Coach

Rose Kervick

Rose Kervick


A business strategy consultant and coach, Rose Kervick has 20 years experience in senior leadership roles in USA corporations and Irish SMEs.

Rose is a trusted adviser to business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders, helping clients plan for growth, identify business opportunities and execute product development and strategic marketing programmes.

Rose started Upskill Coach because of the administrative duties and bumps in the road she experienced as a coach herself. In founding Upskill Coach, Rose has created a platform that allows coaches to do what they love without distraction.

Ingrid Hansgaard

Ingrid Hansgaard

Digital Project Manager // Customer Success Manager

Ingrid is the digital project manager at Upskill Coach, she’s also the go-to person for coach or client queries and you’ll often see her face on the webchat. Born in Norway, the great country which also brought us A-ha and cheese slicers, Ingrid fell in love with Dublin a few years ago and has since moved here. She has been working with online startup businesses since.

Ingrid has a passion for excellent customer service and problem-solving. A focus on personal and professional development has been key for Ingrid in her own career, and through her work in Upskill Coach she wants to make that available to everyone, regardless of where they are based and what level they are at in their career.

Removing barriers to professional development such as location means more people can advance in their career and find their dream job. Through Upskill Coach Ingrid wants to be part of that journey.

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Join our team!

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