Startup Insights - Kevin's User Story - Upskill Coach

Startup Insights - Kevin's User Story

By Upskill Coach, On May 25th 2020

Why coaching?

‘I think as any startup you’re looking to leverage existing experience in the market. Get various kinds of perspective. Especially if you’ve done it before, from different industries and different geographies. So you know, so in the startup community generally, there is a lot of learning to do across a huge spectrum of skillsets. Most of us, in fact, all of us, aren’t ever experienced enough to really be the strongest position to continually improve it and even the top guys out there would say the same. So I think any kind of experience of people who’ve gone and done it before is valuable’. 

What were you looking to achieve?

‘I went in with a pretty open mind. I went in to leverage the existing experience and really just hear the broad kind of perspective. So basically went in with quite a kind of blank canvas and gave my coach a broad view of the business and say “look, these are areas I was looking to gain experience on, what are your thoughts on the business”‘?

Worried about booking a coach online?

‘I think generally you would with anything online because normally in this industry you probably work off referrals or somebody you’d know face-to-face and even in the digital age, we’re probably still quite a face-to-face generation. So I think no more than in any other kind of online attraction’. 

What did you like the most?

‘The coach herself was just enormous experience in marketing and cost per acquisition and had done so with quite a large company but from a starting position of zero. So that was quite a unique journey and it was also a very successful journey, so just trying to understand that and what formula had worked there’. 

Benefits of coaching?

‘I think the broader kind of perspective around really building a team and starting that up. And also I think there’s a realization that there is all the information about other perspectives that there is no set formula for growing a business. There is an understanding that there is just going to have to be a curve of trial and error’. 

Would you recommend Upskill Coach to a friend?

‘I think Upskill Coach is a valuable proposition. The people I would recommend it to is if we had a marketing strategy and wanted an independent consultant to review. That’s what we use it for it, something that kind of niche-focused and that’s what I’d recommend it for’. 

What did you get from online coaching?

‘Actually pretty high expectations. So I didn’t have preconceptions coming in. But the experience would, I’d say was above and beyond what I expected. The person I was dealing with was very experienced and got to the heart of the issue very quickly’.

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