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Keeping Focused – Mary’s User Story

Why Coaching?

‘I was looking for advice on career advice. I’m in the third year of college and I have a year left and I realised that the graduation is coming closer and closer and I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do. How I wanted to make money using the skills I developed in college. So I thought that if I got life coaching then that would help me because it would give me a clear focus and something to aim for’.

What were you looking to achieve?

‘I felt happy in my current situation. I’m currently on exchange, and I was having a really good time. And I’m really focused over here, but I was worried that when I moved home, I wouldn’t have the same momentum that I gained over here. And so I wanted from life coaching, I wanted to continue on the path that I’d started for myself over here, and I just wanted someone to help equip me with the skills to continue along the path’.

Worried about booking a coach online?

‘My reservations were that it would take a long time for the coach to really understand where I was coming from or take a long time for the coach to really see what I was trying to say. So I had reservations that it would take a couple of sessions before we would make any progress, but it actually happened straight away. The coach I had, we just seemed to click and she really understood my position and where I was coming from and what I wanted to achieve’.

What did you like the most?

‘The thing that I liked the most is probably that my coach was not connected to me at all. There was no personal bias with the advice. She just saw things as I said them. She didn’t have any ulterior motive with her advice. She just wanted to help me reach the goal that I set. And there was nothing else apart from that in our discussion. So it was quite clear. And her advice, I knew it was coming from a place that wanted me to reach that goal’.

Benefits of coaching?

‘Since my first session with the coach, I’ve been thinking a lot about my future in a much more concrete way. Before I had been making claims or “Oh, maybe I’ll do this”, it was all up in the air. But after talking to her, she structured my way of thinking. So that fed into other areas as well, like other areas of improvements I wanted in my life. If I set myself goals, I wouldn’t just, assume that they would be done. I had to actually set smaller goals to reach that final goal. So it fed into every other, every other way of planning for things I want’. 

Would you recommend Upskill Coach to a friend?

‘Yeah, I would recommend it to them, and I would say to not wait until there’s some big, major event or crisis in your life. I would say go for it and while you’re pretty happy as well because it can just steer you at the right time in the right direction before anything major happens’.

What did you get from online coaching?

‘My expectations were met and I got a clear plan for my time after graduation and what I want to achieve in the five years after my graduation’.

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