Łucja Stopyra

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Łucja Stopyra, Psychology Coach, UK

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Relationship Systems Coach || Systemic Leadership & Team Coaching || Psychologist

As a relationship systems coach, I follow the motto “relationship matters, from the living room ​to the board room” coined by the Centre for Right Relationship I am certified with.
I work with people who are willing to see the hidden dynamics of their relationships – either with a spouse, a child, or colleagues at work. My clients equipped with newly gained awareness are able to tap into synergy of the relationships, solve problems creatively, and take transformative actions, that impact the systems they belong to – communities, teams, organizations.
My coaching practice is rooted in mindfulness, somatic awareness, and relationship systems thinking. She is a psychologist (MA Psych) and a certified relationship systems coach (Organisation Relationship Systems Coach), currently undertaking studies as a Somatic Movement Educator.
As a coach and facilitator, I have worked with individuals, couples, and teams.
My clients come from various backgrounds. I supported families, entrepreneurs, start-ups, NGOs, and for-profit organisations such as Microsoft, Volkswagen, Siemens, and others.
I offer coaching in English and Polish.