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According to Gartner, the number of skills required for a single job increases by 10% every year. From communication to customer service, organisations are reshaping the way they work to fit an evolving competitive landscape.  

Learning and Development is vital for teams to adapt. But traditional approaches are time-consuming, costly and demand greater commitment than management can afford to give.

Upskill Coach removes these obstacles, providing a digital solution to people development that fits seamlessly into your workflow and produces measurable ROI. 

With live access to industry-leading coaches and personalised development plans, we help teams strengthen engagement, increase resilience and adapt to the future of work – all at a time and pace to suit their schedule.

What are the benefits of team coaching?

96% Organisations that used Executive Coaching found it beneficial and would repeat the process. International Coach Federation (ICF)

Accelerate growth

Achieve the clarity to increase motivation and inspire long-term loyalty.

Boost productivity

Develop the discipline to strengthen engagement and maintain focus.

Improve employee experience

Learn technical skills to navigate new ways of working and help employees adapt.

Why Upskill Coach?

Upskill Coach is the cloud-based professional coaching platform that helps individuals at every level of business thrive

One Size Fits None

The challenges your teams face are unique, and the way they learn should be too. We create personalised plans for every client – to ensure your executives learn the skills they need most, and you only spend resources on what is truly valuable to your organisation

Measurable results

Return on Investment is vital for growing businesses, and we factor that into every service we provide. Our coaches provide regular feedback and objective evaluations, to keep your executives accountable and ensure you see real results.

Flexible, accessible and scalable

With limited time and budget, it can be tough to coordinate learning. Our digital portal connects your executives directly with industry-leading coaches – so they can learn from the best, without worrying about logistics.

How it Works

Upskill Coach is a live, online video coaching platform. Simply log in and book a session with an expert coach at a time that suits your schedule. You can choose from paying personally, using company credits, or from a customised programme.

Personal Impact Coaching

Self-discovery is integral to growth, but most coaching programmes overlook this. Our personal impact coaching is specially designed to provide leaders with insight into their motivations, limitations and potential. By helping you better understand how you impact those around you, our coaches turn your weaknesses into strengths and ensure you become the leader you were born to be.

Corporate Coaching Credits

Now more than ever, employees need to feel in control of their own destinies. Our corporate coaching credits empower workers to define their personal goals and select coaching that will help realise them. Employers purchase credits from Upskill and distribute them among employees, who cash them in directly in exchange for the coaching services they need.

Custom Coaching Programme

Learning and development should always be aligned with an organisation’s goals. Our custom coaching model is designed to solve your most pressing problems, providing your people with 1-to-1 coaching on the concrete challenges they face. Drawing from a wide range of specialist programmes, we produce a coaching strategy that matches your goals and enables you to monitor employees’ progress using key objective measures.

Part of our industry leading coaches

You’ll have access to experts, no matter what skills you’re after.

Lalita Raman

Lalita Raman

Business, Personal Development, Performance, Career, Executive Coaching, Team performance Coach

Leading diverse teams and coaching leaders when they step into a new role and face new challenges. ….

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Amel Murphy

Amel Murphy

Business, Career, Personal Development Coach

Over 20 years experience at running and leading businesses globally. Business Mentor to startup owne…

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Georgina Walsh PCC

Georgina Walsh PCC

Marketing, Business, Career, Performance, Writing & Blogging, Personal Development, Psychology Coach

Accredited coach and business psychologist; maximising your potential to give you faster and better …

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Abhilasha Jha

Abhilasha Jha

Business, Personal Development, Career, Performance, Team performance, Life Coach

Coaching leaders and associates has been an integral part of my role as HR Leader. I have coached ov…

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Geoffrey Watson

Geoffrey Watson

Business, Personal Development, Career, Psychology, Performance Coach

An experienced and professionally certified Executive & Leadership coach. I combine my coach tra…

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