Valerie Brereton

Valerie Brereton, Performance Coach, Ireland

  • Performance Communication
  • Performance Confidence
  • Personal Development CPD (Continuous Personal Development)
  • Business Customer Engagement
  • Life Empowerment
  • Career Executive
  • Business Leadership
  • Performance
  • Performance Resilience
  • Business Sales
  • Personal Development Upskill

MSc Personal & Management Coaching. Significant Sales Coaching Experience

I am a professional Sales & Business Coach, with a track record in achieving exceptional results through the delivery of customized transformational coaching.
I partner with and support clients who want more and are willing to challenge themselves to improve.
I studied Coaching and the psychology of performance to MSc Degree level at UCC and based my thesis on, “The value of coaching in eliminating negative performance spirals”.

My advice is rooted in business and life experience and psychology, and is always specific, actionable, and practical.
I can analyze performance and identify every aspect that hinders success. More importantly, I can amplify strengths and inspire the changes needed to achieve results.
Sales executives, leaders, those transitioning into new roles, or navigating strategic change, benefit from coaching.   It allows them to build on existing strengths, increase self-awareness, develop strategies for leading in new or complex situations, reflect, think, and move forward with their goals.

Areas of expertise

Articles about Communication, Confidence, CPD (Continuous Personal Development), Customer Engagement, Empowerment, Executive, Leadership, Performance, Resilience, Sales, Upskill.

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Peer Mentorship for New Talent

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