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Tansel Omer, Career Coach, UK

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With 15 years experience in senior recruitment & an Exec Coaching diploma, I’m passionate about helping people achieve their career goals.

I love working with people who want to enjoy and excel in their careers.
For many of us, understanding what that is and having a plan to achieve it, is a daunting task.  Having placed hundreds of people into senior roles across a variety of industries and sectors, I understand the challenges that people face and how to overcome them.   I also know what businesses and potential clients look for, so have a wealth of tips and techniques designed to help you gain an edge above the competition and accelerate your progress. 

I’m passionate about understanding the potential in people and use a deep, questioning style of coaching that challenges your thinking.  From there, clarity and focus emerge, establishing the perfect foundation for a way forward designed to make you unstoppable.
Whether your goal is to get that promotion, perform better in your current role, completely change career, set up your own business or gain greater job fulfilment, I have a proven track record in helping my clients get there quicker.
Specialist areas:
–         Evaluate key skills & assess career options
–         Produce and manage a focused multi-channel job search strategy
–         Networking & agency management – how to access the hidden jobs market
–         Consider consultancy & self-employment options
–         LinkedIn profile optimisation & performance
–         CV enhancement, interview preparation and performance
–         My 6-step strategy that will help you proactively pursue your ideal role.
 –         Perform better or get that promotion or ideal role within your current business
As science has confirmed that 99.9% of all humans are identical in their genetic makeup, it’s the subtle alterations in our mindset and perspective that can make a huge difference. 
If you’re ready for transformation, I’ll question, challenge and support you to get there.  You won’t be working with me just to have a nice conversation (although it can still be enjoyable), but to help you get the results you want. You’ll give me permission to be honest and authentic, where others may not be.

In return, I have a few expectations of my clients. They must be committed, open-minded, inspiring and fun. They are aware of or are open to discovering the power of coaching. They know that they don’t need coaching but want coaching to gain insights that will enable them to unleash their full potential.

So if you are currently experiencing any challenges in your career, feel that something is holding you back, or are a considering new opportunities, let’s make it happen!

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Articles about Career, Career Change, Career Development, Career Progression, Emotional Intelligence, Human Resources, Interview Preparation, Job Search, Leadership, Performance, Personal Development.

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