Rhonda Bowen

Rhonda Bowen, Business Coach, Germany

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Working with BEST professionals from more than 70 countries in my own practice since 1988, I support those who want to improve their communication across cultures to express themselves more clearly and effectively and therefore achieve better results.

Do you feel frustrated when you express your ideas and others don’t understand?

Are you wasting time writing emails, spending hours and days in meetings and making calls on the phone without any real results to show for it?

Do you wish that someone would help you improve your communication skills so you have more time for what’s important?

If so, then maybe I can help. I’ve been assisting people working across cultures in my own business since 1988. Interactions with people from more than 70 countries have given me experience to guide others to becoming better communicators.

Cultures are not only defined by passports. Anyone with a different mindset also comes from another culture: sales people and engineers, scientists and authorities, customers and suppliers. I’ve worked with hundreds of people, most of them BEST professionals (business, engineering, science, technology),  to overcome their differences and find common ground to express their ideas and get the results they want.

I can provide solutions just for you or programs for facilitation, negotiation, conflict management and team building, to name a few. My offers are available in English and/or German.


What others say:

“You made it so convenient. Your outstanding tailor-made program made just for us was the key to significant improvement. Our view of what we can achieve with best-in-class communication is much clearer now. We now have just the right tools and experience to go for it. Thanks Rhonda.”
Environmental Safety Manager, Bayer, Germany

“Dear Rhonda, Thank you for our collaboration during our coaching sessions as well as in your role as meeting facilitator. I appreciate the constructive working atmosphere you create in our meetings. Your experience, your knowledge of human nature and asking the right questions to find solutions is great.”
M.L., Infor, Germany

Areas of expertise

Articles about Business Development, Communication, Consulting, Executive, Human Resources, Language, Personal Development, Team building, Team performance.

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