Panagiotis Ntouskas

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Panagiotis Ntouskas, PCC, CSSBB, MSc, MEng, MA, Performance Coach, Greece

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I coach business owners and executives who want to increase their productivity, enhance their professional efficiency and improve their performance.

Are you a business owner or executive feeling overwhelmed? Whether you want to increase your productivity, enhance your professional efficiency or improve your performance my personal productivity coaching program for business owners and executives will get you where you want to be. I have coached more than 100 business owners and executives in the service industry, helping them to address the root causes of low productivity and increase their productivity by 50%

Are you currently struggling in your role? Do you feel that time is never enough to perform your tasks? Do you often suffer from burnout?

You probably think that you are not capable enough, that you are not fast enough or that you are a procrastinator. You probably believe that things are just what they are and that it is inevitable to work long hours, stealing time from your personal life.

But here is the truth. It is not that you are not fast enough or that you are a procrastinator. It is not that things can’t change. Maybe you are not managing the time well enough, or you haven’t optimized the way you work. May be there are other organizational reasons.

I believe that productivity is a vital ingredient for success. In my personal productivity coaching program, we will do a productivity assessment and we will analyze the possible root causes of low productivity. We will explore both your inner world and the outer world. We will develop targeted solutions to solve the problem.

As many of my clients have reported, after working with me all the reasons for low productivity will become crystal-clear, you will be inspired to take specific actions and pursue changes that will address the root causes, your energy levels will raise, your productivity will increase, and your work-life balance will improve. Furthermore, thanks to the discipline gained during the personal productivity coaching program, you will also naturally achieve other aims such as promotions and higher sales.

I am a performance and personal productivity coach with 15+ years of experience in managerial and consulting positions related to HR, training, productivity improvement, lean and agile implementation and business process optimization. I have worked in multiple industries, in logistics and international transport, in a metal processing industry, in the bank sector, in the automobile industry, in healthcare and in the food industry. I combine the analytical skills of a consultant, the creativity of an artist (writing, photography) and the mindfulness of a long-term meditation practitioner. I have lived and worked in Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica.