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I am a career and life coach, passionate about working with people and making connection with them. I help clients who are currently at crossroads in their life and in need of new direction, currently in transition between their career or relocated to a different county or city with lack of clarity about next steps or overwhelmed about frenetic life and stress due to jobs and responsibilities.

I’m a career, executive and expat coach based in London.
I support clients from the corporate sector going through a career change, promotion as well as relocation.
I understands the feelings of feeling lost and demotivated, self doubts, fears and insecurity that a career change brings. Often people lack the awareness that changing career is what they are looking for. They just realise that the career they started in their 20s doesn’t feel like the right path anymore and are now in need of a more fulfilling and satisfying job. The realisation of tackling these feelings and thoughts is difficult and uncomfortable.
My approach is based on the latest research in career evaluation and transition.
As a licensed career coach I break the process into clearly defined milestones, which helps clients to clarify their goals, learn about their needs and interests and understand the importance of strengths of their transferable skills.
My combination of career transition and development provide a sense of direction, clarity and confidence. By working together, you will have the opportunity to reflect and introspect what you really would like to do without jumping into another blind role or organisation.
As a certified strengths profile practitioner, a tool built on a decade of research in positive psychology and development, I also support clients going through a career promotion. Together we will assess opportunities and take control of your career path by considering your unique realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses along with job sector recommendations.​ Through this model you will learn more about what you can do, can’t do, and enjoy doing and be able to use the language of strengths and develop yourself to release your potential.
As an expat professional myself who moved to London seven years ago, I also support expatriates with the challenges of moving country, create a new life away from friends and family and manage intercultural differences along the way.

Your coaching experience will be tailored to you as an individual and customized to meet your specific needs, priorities and aspirations. We will start to work together from where you are, we will explore your VISION – What you want, your IDENTITY – Who you are, and mostly your VALUES, your WHY – Why what you want is important to you. In the following step, we will go deeper into what you really want. I will help you educate yourself, brainstorm your potentials, and collect information and data based on your preferences. Find out what you like which will help you have a better idea of your direction. In the last step, we will investigate the top possibilities and create an action plan fully customised on you and steps to be taken in order to achieve your goal.


I was born and raised in Italy, I have a master’s degree in economics and cross-cultural experience between Italy and the UK. I worked in accounting practice, corporate organizations and for American and English law firms.

Beside my coaching practice I’m also a Mental Fitness coach, Mental Health First aider and Executive Career Coach in London.

Beside my corporate and coaching background, I collaborate on a pro-bono base with Intrapreneur start-up and gender equality and educational no-profit. I am an avid reader, an active runner, and a member of the social committee through my running club.

My extensive experience living and working in corporate between Italy and the UK means I fully understand the context of your challenges and am here to help you find a way through them.



Master degree in Economic
Diploma in Transformational coaching
Qualified Career Coach
Strengths Profile Practitioner
CPD Internationally accredited life coach
AC Member (Association for Coaching)
Mental Health first aider with England Mental Health
Mindfulness and Meditation with British Mindfulness Institute

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