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Matt Darbon, Life Coach, UK

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I got into coaching to help people get more from their work & personal lives. I’ve spent years in the digital world of large companies, learning how to innovate & get the best out of people and tech. If this is an area you’d like to work on, I’d love to speak with you.

I’m a natural people person, and genuinely curious about how people think and make decisions. After being coached myself, I knew it was a skill I wanted to develop myself and how powerful it can be in helping people change their lives. I sought coaching on public speaking and communication, i felt like i wanted to say more but was afraid. Since then I’ve done talks on behalf of tech companies and big businesses in Athens, London & Zurich!

I like to work with people who have an interesting problem they’d like to solve, or a significant change they’d like to make – whether thats in work or personal life. You can expect me to listen carefully to where you want to get to, and with some careful questioning, help you get there

Coaching isn’t my main profession, its my way of meeting interesting people and helping out where I can. My work is based in the digital world, having spent my career so far focussed on solving business problems in an innovative way. This has taught me to work with and lead a huge range of talented people. Currently I am finalising my Life Coaching Certification, and currently a Crossfit L1 Trainer.

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