Mary Howick

Mary Howick, Personal Development Coach, Ireland

  • Career Career Progression
  • Performance Confidence
  • Life Consciousness
  • Life Empowerment
  • Psychology Fear
  • Business Leadership
  • Life Love
  • Performance Public Speaking
  • Life Purpose
  • Life Relationship
  • Career Return-to-work
  • Life Self-Love
  • Performance Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career Working Parent

A lot of people get caught up in constant worry about the future, and worn out by all the demands on them. I offer coaching that brings immediate relief, and frees up mental energy to enjoy life right now, while moving confidently towards their future goals.

I spent the last 10 years of my career as the head of Human Resources in one of the largest companies in the North West of Ireland.  I saw first-hand how difficult it can be for women returning from maternity leave, career break or sick-leave to regain their confidence and creditability in the workplace.  They often feel overwhelmed by the task of proving themselves in work, while remaining fully connected to their children, partner and friends.
Having taken early retirement from the corporate world, and gaining certification as a Clarity Coach (using the Three Principles approach), I now help women tap into their own innate inner wisdom, wellbeing and resilience so they gain the confidence to bring the best of themselves to the fore in all areas of their lives.   They discover how to thrive and contribute in the work environment in a way that feels authentic and nurturing for themselves and their families.
An important aspect of this work is helping my client to appreciate their own value and what they have to offer.  Together, we discover what really matters to them in life,  and how they can utilize their natural talents to progress in the direction of their dreams.  
As a side-effect of our work together, they also find it easier to create deep connected relationships with the people in their lives, and discover how to make the time spent with anyone really count.
I live in Ireland but work by Zoom with clients from all over the English speaking world.

Areas of expertise

Articles about Career, Career Progression, Confidence, Consciousness, Empowerment, Fear, Leadership, Love, Public Speaking, Purpose, Relationship, Return-to-work, Self-Love, Stress Management, Work-Life Balance, Working Parent.

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