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Marie-Claire Thauvette, Life Coach, Canada

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I am passionate about relationships, intimacy and sexual education. My vision is improving the lives and their communication with others. My practice research based on holistic methods to make real changes to the lives of my clients, including Gottman Method Coaching.

You deserve to feel comfortable and safe in an environment free of judgment and boundaries. As a couple’s relationship & dating and sexuality educator, I welcome and encourage you to work with me in a space that is founded on principles of compassion, empathy and deep understanding.

I’m passionate about singles and couples being able to experience joy and success in their relationships to reach their full potential. Achieving this goal is what makes our sessions successful!

What differentiates our sessions from any other practice is that I truly am your ally, without judgment. A positive and fun learning experience for you is paramount.

In contrast to a traditional therapist, there is no need for us to go deep diving into your past. What’s most important to me when we’re working together is that we can make you happier now, to create a more positive future.

What makes you unique is something to be celebrated and diversity is welcomed and supported (yes, this includes LGBITQ individuals!) My expertise can guide and support you through your journey, as it has for countless others.

It’s possible to evaluate your relationship to recognize areas for improvement, as well as areas of strength: Enter the Gottmans Checkup. This very thorough test has been designed by today’s most researched therapists Dr John and Julie Gottman. It gives you a 360 degree look at your couple and what you can do to thrive in bliss.

I’m confident we can resolve any issues or introduce positive new chapters in your life; together.

As the Bestselling author of Honeymoon Playbook, I believe that we need to play and have a lot more fun in our couple, including while dating. I have been discussing my insights on various TV shows, podcasts and conferences for over 7 years, and have helped hundreds of couples.

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Consider me your personal couple’s or dating coach.

Here are a few testimonials:

“Marie-Claire is an amazing communicator; very open and allows the conversation and ideas to flow. She has great reference materials. I highly recommend her.”

Kathleen G.

“I was nervous to attend her session, but it took me five minutes to relax as Marie-Claire made it comfortable and fun. She is approachable yet professional and has a relaxed style that helped us to learn more about each other as a couple.”

Jaqueline and Ross

“This workshop helped me to gain sexual confidence, which I really need as I do not have much experience in the bedroom. I can’t wait to meet my future lover. Are they in for some amazing loving!”

Martin L.

Having breast cancer was very scary, but losing my breasts was even scarier for me. Marie-Claire taught me that I have other sexy parts that are working great, and our sex life is even better than it was pre-cancer.

Marie-France T.

Marie-Claire at Relationship Bliss helped me feel excited and happy again about dating. Her tools, know-how and commitment to my mission to keep the FUN in dating are invaluable! Love that you are my wing GIRL!

Michelle W.