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Maria Mirzaei, Career Coach, UK

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I am an international career and leadership coach with a decade of demonstrated successful professional experience in science, industry and business. Using my 3 step coaching methodology, I help my clients to gain clarity, recognize their zone of genius, grow to their best self and build their dream career and life.

With a PhD in Rocket Science, I started my professional career as a research scientist and accomplished several national and European projects. My curiosity for entrepreneurialism brought me to the business world when I joined an entrepreneurial company in Amsterdam as a principal business analyst. My talent was soon recognized by the company’s founders and I became a board member and was put in charge of the company’s end to end business operation and profitability. I hired, trained and coached a team of 14 international professionals from 9 different nationalities and made the company a success in the competitive world of online advertising. I was then approached to undertake a senior position at Google where I had the pleasure of experiencing 3,5 years of working with some of the best talents in the industry.
Parallel to my journey of scientific and business achievements, I have always been curious about how one could reach the ultimate state of deep peace and joy. This curiosity led me to enjoy being an avid dancer as well as a silent meditator. I believe we only thrive in career and life when we enjoy a high level of wellbeing and apply my decade of meditation and wellbeing experience in my coaching service to help my clients reach a stable level of  peace and tranquility.

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