Laura Rickard

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Laura Rickard, Life Coach, Ireland

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I’m a Life and Executive Coach with an Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience and a Certificate in Nutrition Coaching. I have a particular interest in helping people to feel more fulfilled and energised in their daily lives.

I believe that most people are walking around with massive amounts of untapped potential and a desire to do more. Too many people are dissatisfied with their job and how they spend their days. But change is hard, I get it. Having worked in the corporate sector for 15 years I’ve first-hand experience and understanding of the demands of work. There’s no time, you’re under pressure and have responsibilities at home. You don’t even know where to start and can’t see the wood from the trees. So that’s where I come in.

As your coach, I’ll help you gain clarity on what you want and together we’ll figure out how best to get you there. I’ll support you, help you stay on track and keep you accountable. When obstacles come up, which they inevitably will, I’ll help you find a way through. My approach is warm, friendly but challenging and always with your best interests at heart.

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Articles about Career, Executive, Life, Personal Development, Wellness, Work-Life Balance.

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