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Don Cullinane, Business Coach, Ireland

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I am a Chartered Management Accountant and business graduate of University College Cork with CEO and board level experience in private and public sector organisations. I have particular experience in travel and aviation, publishing, agriculture services, hospitality and manufacturing. My key coaching goal is to bring out the best in people – allowing high performing individuals and teams to emerge and shine. This is what really impacts business performance. I have worked with senior leadership teams and individual S.M.E. CEOs for over 20 years having coached over 100 people.

If you have an under performing business or management team please get in contact to discuss how I can help. I work with 2 key systematic approaches or models of performance: 1 for the business itself and 1 for the management team.

By using these tried and tested systematic approaches we can make enormous improvements in your team and therefore your business.


Areas of expertise

Articles about Business Strategy, Executive, Growth Strategy.

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