Cathy Ferringo

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Cathy Ferringo, Personal Development Coach, Canada

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I am an Associate Certified Coach through ICF.

Do you want more in life? More fulfilment? More connection? More success? More free time? More accountability? whatever your goal, I’m here for you.

I’m an Associate Certified Coach in business, life, and leadership coaching. I help clients, like you, navigate the steps to get from their current now to where they want to be.

I’d be happy to have a free, no pressure, consultation with you to discuss your wants & needs.

In life coaching, I help individuals discover how to connect to what’s missing for them.

In business coaching, I help small business owners & leaders deepen their abilities, results, and fulfillment.

Hiring a coach can help clarify your steps and get you there faster. Feel free to reach out today.

I had spent over 15 years in corporate leadership roles, my most recent role was Director of Customer Care, working at an amazing company, with a dynamic team & incredible staff.   I continued to work full-time in a corporate leadership role, which I loved, until August of 2019 when the call of full-time Entrepreneurship won my full focus.

Making this transition from a high-quality, much-loved role, was not a decision I made lightly. Bravery mixed with anticipation led the way.  Creativity, connection and passion for being an excellent coach have made entrepreneurship my greatest, most fulfilling, adventure to date.

I tell you this because I get it – I get having an amazing career, an amazing life, and wanting more.  Something more purposeful and important to you.  I also get when you don’t think life is amazing, and you don’t know where to start to get it there.

If you are currently ready for change (up, out, or adjusting what is to a better is)  I can help.

Today, my clients include corporate leaders, creative artists, high-potential employees, small business entrepreneurs, plus some people who are done with their status quo.

I love to help others discover and increase their talents, carve their own path, and reach fulfilment in their career and creative pursuits.  I  believe that you are the expert in your life and I am merely the guide.

I use proven coaching tools and techniques to help my clients reach the goals they decide on – even the ones that they afraid to admit out loud before coaching.

Your Life – Your Way – My Support