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What is a life coach

Life coaching that fits your life

Our aim is to inspire you to take action in your life.

Life coaching can help you find motivation, build relationships, improve your health or add life skills to your portfolio.

As a global startup, we connect people who want to develop their skills with experienced life coaches all over the world.

Finding time for life coaching can be hard. We want to make that easier. Our life coaching sessions take place online via video, and our all-in-one site makes finding, comparing and paying life coaches simple.

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Finding the right life coach for you

Finding the right life coach for you is not only about certifications and experience.

That’s why our life coaches offer a 15-minute free consultation call. During this call, you can find out if it’s the right life coach for you. Before you commit time and money to a coaching session.

Our coaches have a broad range of experience and expertise, and we’re certain there’s a right life coach out there for you.

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It’s all about you

You deserve to get the most out of life. Our life coaches will help you make a plan for how to get to where you want to be.

Your life coach will hold you accountable and support you and your mental health as you work towards your goals.

We believe that you have what it takes to make a change in your life. Start your life coaching with a certified coach who is a good fit for you. Find a coach from Upskill Coaches today.

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Other types of coaching we offer



Help managers, executives and business owners meet their goals. From improvement in work relationships to help with important decisions, coaching doesn’t just boost performance—it improves business.



Help clients develop personal goals and create plans to achieve them. Whether or not there are practical hurdles in someone’s way, it’s a gift to help them cultivate the confidence and motivation to fulfill their potential.



Work with professionals to identify goals, develop leadership skills, and plan and prepare for career moves. Help create bulletproof resumés and cover letters for new roles, new careers, or to explore new territories.

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