By Alexandra Enke, On Nov 02nd 2020

I am sure you know that meditation is good for you…

And it’s definitely not new to you, that research proofs increased productivity, focus, fitness and stress resilience with a daily meditation practice…

So why is it so hard to meditate every day?

I am aware of the limiting thoughts in our minds…

… “I don’t know, where to start”

… “I don’t have time”

… “I don’t feel like meditating now”

So what if you could have an EASY and EFFORTLESS meditation experience every day?

—> For simple answers you can check out my newest blog article.

After having these answers – what stops you now from meditating regularly?

I believe it’s the COMMITMENT to meditate daily.

The willingness to follow-through – no matter what.

You can take the decision to become a meditator NOW.

Take your calendar and put a daily slot for meditation in it for the upcoming 66 days (remember that’s the average time to form a new habit).

And start meditating today – simply show up.

Much love from Chiang Mai – wishing you peace of mind and focus on the things that matter most,  


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