Coaches of the Month: September

Coaches of the Month: September

At Upskill Coach, we believe it’s important to recognise the exceptional work our coaches do. Every single one of them possess a unique set of skills and perspectives, enabling them to bring the best out of their clients. And as our own Lalita Raman points out, their work doesn’t only happen during the actual coaching sessions – it’s a constant process of attention, engagement and refining their practise.

So in this blog, we’d like to give a shout out to four incredible coaches who have truly excelled this month:

Aries Yeo

Aries is a deep thinker whose coaching often focuses on helping female clients take control of their lives – both professional and personal. Her work centers on unearthing her clients true values, and then aligning them with their actions; she does this through a practise of deep listening and posing insightful questions, ultimately enabling her to reflect her clients back at themselves in a way which is extraordinarily empowering and constructive.

Aries is a Certified Personal Performance Coach, with accreditations from ICF; she is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, DISC personality profiling and Clean Language Facilitation. 

You can learn more about her work here.

Claude Warner

Claude works with what he describes as “hard-charging executives” to help them become more reflective and mindful. This involves a great deal of work with mindset and meta-cognitive techniques, which Claude uses to gradually expand his clients definitions and understanding of their roles. 

Claude is a fully qualified leadership and executive coach, with expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Enneagram personality models and Integral Theory. 

You can learn more about her work here. 

Sue Gammons

Sue is an accredited executive coach and leadership development consultant whose work focuses on three different groups of clients: leaders looking for help in their career development; leaders needing to build more effective teams; and women wanting to progress their careers with an organisation. She describes herself as a “co-explorer”, designing her practise around a process of developing her client’s self-awareness and then experimenting with new ways of approaching their behaviour and lives. 

Aside from her prolific work as a coach, Sue has developed an award-winning global women’s leadership development programme; designed coaching-based programmes that developed 100+ ethnically diverse leaders per year, and refreshed a global training programme that certified roughly 200 employees per year as internal coaches. 

You can learn more about her work here.

Lalita Raman

Lalita is an executive coach whose work generally focuses on helping executive and senior middle-management adapt during “transitional periods”. Her meticulous approach involves interviewing numerous colleagues to gain a proper understanding of her client’s situation, after which she becomes a “sounding board” for them to bounce ideas off. This process enables her clients to build self-awareness on their own terms and develop solutions that will lead to lasting change.

Lalita has accreditation as an executive coach, a facilitator and an organisational change consultant – as well as a strong background in finance which she uses to more deeply understand the stressful situations her clients are going through. 

 You can learn more about her work here.