By Maria Kouroupi, On Oct 27th 2020

Yesterday, I was talking with a lovely woman (let’s call her Helen) who has taken the leap of launching her own business. I could see the spark in her eyes -she lit up everytime she talked about her business.

But as Helen opened up to me, I saw she was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because she had achieved no results, even though she worked so hard to make her business work. I couldn’t help but wondering:


It can be intense to be an entrepreneur. Rich Linvin wisely says:

”We go the entrepreneurial world for balance, fun and often to get away from some of the most demanding bosses we have ever worked for, to discover there is no boss more demanding than the one who sits in our seat”.

Building a thriving business can be and should be FUN. Let me share with you some useful insights that I discovered through my own journey, that may be a life-changer for you:

1. Find the sweet balance between PATIENCE and HUSTLE. Business is not about working hard all the time. Sometimes you need to alternate between slowing down and speeding up, in order to be productive.

2. Make sure you have the right people around you. Build a supportive community that will help you release your potential and create marvellous results.

3. BELIEVE in the benefits that your products/services will have to other people. Don’t try to sell something you haven’t experienced yourself.

4. YOU are the most important person in your business. Without you, nothing happens. Nurture yourself. A long walk on the beach can be more productive than spending hours on end on building your email list.

5. Detach yourself from the result. KNOW that what you want to create is on its way but HOW it happens or WHEN it happens is none of your concern.

6. Ask for help. Being a confident, independent individual also means that you are brave enough to ask for support when you need it.

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