Are you telling yourself, and interviewers, your full story?

By James Hall, On Sep 10th 2020

What is your full story?

Have you spoken to anyone who:
– passionately tells you they can’t do something
– misses out their contribution in a success story
– glosses over any positive feedback they receive

I often hear such when I mentor people who want to apply for a new job!

When I hear their edited story I ask them to pause for a moment, to run through the story again and this time I dig for more detail. I summarise back what they tell me and get them to reconfirm the facts of what they have done so they can hear their story and check this is now the full version?

As the story grows and we both hear all the detail suddenly something changes, I call it the light bulb moment, it’s the moment they realise wow I did that (ok it’s often accompanied with a shuffle and an attempt at denial first!) and then their smile appears like the sun rising on a beautiful morning.

If this is you please take some action today – make some time to read your story back and fact check it. Make sure you are sharing the full unedited version, no summaries, capture every detail to show how great you have been in the past and give yourself the credit you deserve. The interviewer wants to hear it!

You own the pen to write your story.

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